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My first Pug

His name was Willie, an ex gf wanted a dog and i was against getting a new dog since we gave up our german shepard prior to moving across the country. She wanted me to a least go and look at the pups. I did, and told her that they were cute but still not budging on getting one. A few days later she and her daughter came home with one (willie) well i was kinda annoyed and gave him a chance. Within a week i had made his crate and play area in my studio, still not embracing him into the family. At the end of that first week i had just fed him and went to talk to the ex in the bathroom. I had just made across the master b.r. And was about to enter the hallway. I heard a thud in my studio and turned around to check it out. I found willie sprawled out on the floor, he had eaten too much and choked on the food, he stopped breathing. I ran to him and picked him up holding him like a baby. I slapped his back until he spit out the lodged food. I was so shaken and held him tight, we bonded so tight at that point. I felt such a love for him from that day on. I realized that he had been so loving to me from the day he arrived and it took a chance of him dying in my arms to really love him back as deeply.

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My first Pug, posted January 29th, 2013

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